My Specialties & Services

The services offered through my practice are focused on two major areas: psychotherapy and forensic services..

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Psychotherapy services are primarily based on a cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approach which has research-based evidence of helping to create positive and enduring changes in individuals’ lives. The general premise is that we can recognize and then, change negative thought patterns and replace them with more positive and reality-based thought patterns. I am also a holistic practitioner who believes in the mind-body-spirit connection. When we pay attention to all these areas of our lives, we can have a more balanced physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Counseling teens can be a challenging task as teens find themselves in the midst of
a developmental transition between childhood and adulthood. They may display
resistance, needs for control and high emotionality. These are all very common
displays of the teen’s struggle to gain a sense of their identity and independence.
This can be a confusing time as they struggle to find their place within their peer
group, the community and the world at large. Feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and
confusion may be seen but with the support of their families and friends, most
teens can maneuver the challenges of adolescence, finding their inner strength and
sense of self-confidence through hard work, perseverance, and family support.
Using both traditional “talk therapy” and more creative “out of the box” techniques
such as music or sharing of the teen’s social media profile may be utilized to help
the teen develop interest in and a sense of trust in the therapist/therapeutic process.
Of utmost importance in working with teens is that of maintaining their privacy
and sense of confidentiality. While parents are provided with general (broad
strokes) feedback on their teen’s progress, specific details of session discussions
are not shared with parents in order to maintain the trust and confidentiality the
teen requires to develop and strengthen the therapeutic bond.


Couples therapy includes teaching principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) (Sue Johnson) as couples learn to develop awareness of negative communication patterns and create more positive interactions whereby feelings of security, safety and comfort are more present in the relationship. Empirically validated Gottman Couples Therapy (John & Julie Gottman) is another approach in which I have received training. This approach assists couples to more effectively manage conflicts while deepening their relationship and intimacy and healing hurts from the past.