December 2021:  How to Build Confidence 

and Get Back on the Road to Success

By:  Marjorie McMillian at www.Comeongetwell.net

When you lose confidence, it seems like the world is crashing around you, and you feel like hiding in your shell and staying there. You’re not alone. This happens in the lives of people every day. However, there are ways to rebuild your confidence, reduce stress, and get back to the life you deserve.

Change Careers

Changing a career is a bold step, but it could be the most effective one. When you lose confidence or are dealing with toxic people, it’s often because of your job. You might not realize that you’re unhappy with your profession until you take a long look at what life could be like outside of your career choice. 

You don’t have to give up your current job to make this change. Technology allows you to take online classes at your own pace and save money on in-school tuition and other costs. If you don’t know which career is best for you, consider working with a job coach to find the right path.

Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

The pandemic hurt many individuals and families financially. If you’re like many people, you’re playing catch-up on bills and wishing you had a few extra dollars for that vacation or new video game system to relax after months of stress.

Taking a trip is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, if you can’t free up enough cash for a vacation or take the time off from work, use the extra money to improve your work-life balance. For example, buy the bicycle you want and experience the open road, free from the distractions of people or technology.

Start a Fitness Routine

The first step to a happier, more confident lifestyle is starting a fitness routine. Exercise has been scientifically proven to make people happier, healthier, and look as fantastic as they feel. Fitness can take many forms, from going on long walks every day after work to running marathons. Look for something you enjoy doing that makes you excited about life.

Find a New Hobby

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s skiing, learning to play piano, or studying a new language, find something new to dive into and get your mind off day-to-day responsibilities and stressors.

Don’t just stick with the hobbies you used to enjoy—branch out and try new things. Daring to try something different and succeeding can improve your confidence.

Visit a Mental Health Professional

If anxiety and other obstacles are holding you back from your goals, a therapist can help you live a more fulfilling and balanced life. Empower yourself and find joy with solution-focused, compassionate, and empathetic therapy. 

Find Your Confidence and Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

Setbacks in your personal or professional life can destroy your confidence. You can build it up again and be the successful person you were meant to be.

Thank you to Marjorie McMillian at www.Comeongetwell.net for this article

Linda Mesing Cook, LMHC